Silk sarees have always been an all-time favourite of fashion lovers. They are very comfy, bright, and elegant, which makes them ideal to be worn to parties, weddings, and any other occasion. But twirling around in a silk saree like a celebrity requires some skill and flair. Here, we will reveal some tips on how to wear a silk saree for party wear like a celebrity to turn heads wherever you are going. Whether you are planning to buy a pure silk saree online in India or seeking information on how to wear it appropriately, this blog will be of help to you.



Understanding the Silk Saree

Now that we are ready with styling tips, let us first refresh the features of silk sarees that make them so unique. For the record, a pure silk saree is not just a cloth to wear but fashion at its best—the rich fabric, the etchings, and the sheen! To sum up, purchasing a pure silk saree online means purchasing a tradition that has been inherited by generations.



How to Select the Perfect Silk Saree For Party Wear

The initial step to looking like a celebrity is to select the right silk saree to wear. Here's what you need to consider:


Colour and Design

Celebrities tend to keep it bright and go for the experimental shades that are prominent. If it’s a deep red, a royal blue, or an emerald green, then ensure that it suits the skin tone. When choosing the design, it is better to choose complex patterns and dense embroidery. Fabrics with flower prints, the paisley design, and fabrics with gold thread accents are preferred.


Fabric Quality

When one has to buy a pure silk saree online, one should be wise enough to get the best quality of the saree. The fabric must have a soft, smooth, and silky feel on the surface with a sheen that gives it an honest look. Synthetic fabrics are, to some extent, inferior to silk, as the latter has a natural sheen that cannot be copied.


Occasion Suitability

It is also important to note that not all silk sarees can be worn on any occasion. To choose a silk saree for party wear, one should look for something that is light-weighted and elegant. Kanchipuram, Banarasi, and Mysore sarees are the best, as they have richness in fabric and the way they fall on the body figures is pretty elegant.



How to Drape Your Silk Saree Like a Celebrity

The manner in which you drape your silk saree can actually determine the entire look. Here are some celebrity-inspired draping styles:



The Classic Nivi Style

This is the most preferred style of draping and is often used by celebrities. Here’s how to do it:


  • First, tuck the end of the saree into the petticoat, and then circle it around once.


  • Make vertical folds on the front part so that they are straight and properly aligned.


  • Put the pleats in the petticoat and drape the saree around your waist.


  • Toss the pallu over your left shoulder, allowing it to fall to your back.



The Seedha Pallu Style

Famous in Gujarat, it gives a royal touch and is ideal for displaying designs on the pallu part.


  • Tuck the saree around your belly and fold the pleats as you normally do.


  • Instead of letting the pallu fall at the back, place it over your right shoulder and drape it across the bust line.


  • Tie the pallu at your left shoulder, and let the rest of the saree drape behind you.



The Bengali Style

This draping style is all about elegance and grace and is quite popular in Bollywood movies.


  • Take the saree and fold it around the waist twice, and then make wide folds of the saree at the front part.


  • Place the pallu on your left side and fix it by pinning it.


  • Then take a portion of the pallu and place it across the right side of the chest, and then bring it over the right shoulder.



Accessorizing Your Silk Saree

It is also important to note that no celebrity look is complete without matching accessories. Here’s how to accessorize your silk saree for a truly glamorous look:



Gold jewellery is a classic choice that complements the saree, especially when it is made of silk fabric. Choose statement necklaces, rings, earrings, and bangles that can complement the outfit. If you opt for a more contemporary style of jewellery, you may opt for diamond or pearl trinkets.



Celebrities prefer traditional hairdos like a low bun with fresh flowers or simple straight hair. Soft waves or a sophisticated updo can help add elegance as well.



This means that your makeup should complement your look rather than dominate it. Make it perfect skin, dramatic eyes, and striking lips. A bindi on the forehead can make it look more traditional.



Best Stores to Buy Pure Silk Saree Online

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This is all about selecting the right silk saree for party wear, knowing how to drape it like a celebrity, and finally using appropriate accessories. A silk saree has the capacity to transform you, whether you are going to a wedding, party, or any other function that makes you look like a celebrity. Just remember to do it with pride and style.

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