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The Sprish Story : From Odissi to Slow fashion

Sprish as the name goes, deduces to being touched with love and care. It is a materialisation of the childhood thoughts,
accumulated emotions and the vibrant expressions of art by the prominent Odissi performer, Mrs. Sulagna Ray (Bhattacharjee).

Crafted into elegant, exquisite, handmade designs across clothing and lifestyle products, bringing to you a unique
piece of daily wear comfort, Sprish is a modern day face of handloom art that shatters the monotony
of your day to day life with the excitement of handmade, quality woven designer wear
products & décor accessories.

An initiative to uplift our traditional Handloom Weavers who are fighting for existence in the age of monstrous
Power Looms & Assembly Lines, Sprish provides for the much needed sustainability in the everchanging
world of fashion, with the age old lineage of weaving techniques that yield constant quality centric produce.

In the world we live in, to prevent an extinction of the traditional resources and to co-exist with the old
while laying an unimpeded foundation for the new, it is very important at your end to seek fashion
that is sustainable, environment friendly and rooted.

Hence it is a humble request to you all to come up & support this dying art, help these artists who will be lost
to time if we do not hold their hands. So let’s embrace handlooms over Power Loom fed fashion, and adorn
quality, purity, ingenuity & a piece of unique art every once we look upto fashion. Help us build a world where
Tradition meets Vogue and the old co-exists with the love for new… Support Team Sprish in realising a dream
that’s one for all and brings all for one.


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Sulagna BhattacharjeeFounder of Sprish
Hirak BhattacharjeeManaging Partner
Ritu Manna GhoshManager


How Sprish was Conceptualised

It all started with curiosity and passion to create and formulate something new from scratch. A sense of creation imbibed within me
ever since I was a kid, who knew it would blossom into something as huge a goal in my life that it is now.

To delve into Art & those experiences that were just meant for fun back then, laid the final foundation of Sprish. Also, my family
orchestrated the same sense pivotally all along, while Ma loved trying new recipes, making sweaters and dresses, Baba
loved helping me through all the art and craft endeavours I took up as a kid.

Be it those handmade greeting cards, Gulab Jamuns or a Book Shelf that I made, or the walls of our new home
that we painted ourselves, it all came in handy when a lightning revelation struck one day.

 One Diwali, we came up with a plan to make our own wax Diyas and Tealight candles instead of buying them from
the market. So while sourcing the raw materials, I came across so many alternatives, there was Bees
wax, Soy wax, Gel Candles, Some made of Essential Oils etc., and I went crazy with the fact that
there were so many options to choose from!

 From scented candles to moulded tea light candles, I started making candles night and day. Soon enough,
our guests and neighbours started noticing it and in no time I was even getting orders for some.

All in all, It was fun and a stepping stone into the life I wanted for me. So then I took up some courses like pottery,
cold process soap making, fashion designing, jewellery designing and other random courses to ascertain my true
inclination towards an art form. They were all very enriching experiences yet I understood that mere time
bound courses cannot quench my thirst to understand the spirit behind these art forms and which
was elementarily needed to understand the gist of any art.

 So I started travelling to places where I got to meet people who practice these arts for a living and meeting them
was a sudden reality check for me. It changed my thought process, brought me to near to the core realities of
life at large and it simply changed the understanding of art that I had.

 It made me think that why will I buy an expensive Benarasi from a Brand when traditionally it’s supposed to be a handloom saree,
and while a weaver is waiting for a customer to buy his products which he painstakenly weaved in a poorly lit dilapidated
house for more than 3 months so that he can feed his family.

I came across families where expert handloom weavers were afraid of passing this dying heirloom art to their kin
for a boom of the monstrous power loom is dooming the handloom culture. And with no employment opportunities
in the future their generations will be doomed.

I couldn’t imagine such a rich tradition of Indian handloom being on the brink of extinction! Handmade painting like Patachitra,
Madhubani, Warli, Pichwai and more, are being digitally made and screen printed on various items thus reducing the cost
of production in half! Where will the skilled artists and hand painters go? The thought itself was terrifying!

And hence I dedicated my efforts into bridging the gap of opportunities between consumers and these skilled weavers and
artists. Sprish is the connection between these skilled artisans and those who like quality being served on the
same plate of trends and vogue.

With handloom produce, we make sure that we offer constant quality centric apparel and décor pieces and the uniqueness
comes with the art form that takes time but yields something eclectically inspiring every single once.