Sprish Studio becomes the talk of the town this Durga Puja with their festive collection, 'Anika'

Contemplating the grandeur of the Durga Puja, each ensemble of our festival collection is replete with intricately detailed craftsmanship, mesmerising patterns, and classy hues.

Sulagna, our founder, has always valued tradition. As a result, through our opulent festive collection, we effortlessly capture the elegance and magnificence of Durga Puja. Additionally, Indian tradition is seen in a new form through the sarees that she designed, whether the saree fabrics are made of natural fibres like cotton, silk, tassar, or linen. No blended fabrics are used as Sulagna's initial preference has been organic dyeing methods and hand embroidery because she cannot fathom destroying the environment or the natural world for the sake of fashion. Our puja collection is dominated by various styles of handloom, jamdani, and hand-worked sarees, and each one is quite exquisite.

Your look for Durga Puja should be the culmination of all things beautiful. So, with our festive collection, reach the epitome of celestial beauty while maintaining the fierceness to be your best version.

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